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Aligned with our online programs, professional development offerings, and worldwide study abroad opportunities, we fulfill students' aspirations.

More than 10 years of excellence

With over a decade of excellence, Focus Graduate Institute, founded in Hong Kong in 2015, has led in higher education, professional development, and global study services

For more than 10 years, including through our Education Support Center for agents across Asia-Pacific including Mainland China, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea. We’ve driven academic innovation and social impact. As a Smooth Sails Group Ltd. subsidiary, we’re dedicated to broadening access to higher education, irrespective of background or means.

We’re committed to building a stronger institution, ensuring universal access to higher education, and supporting students in today’s competitive environment. Our strategy focuses on deploying technology to offer top-quality, affordable programs, and fostering a connected learning environment for students worldwide.

President of Focus Graduates Institute

Dr. Vincent Kow

Dr. Vincent Ko, President of Focus Graduate Institute, brings over 20 years of expertise in finance, banking, and consultancy. With a PhD, DBA, and MBA in Finance from the University of Hull, UK, and a Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University, Australia, his credentials are highly impressive. He is recognized as a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants, UK, and the Institute of Public Accountants, Australia. Dr. Ko’s international experience spans across Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Vietnam, and Malaysia. He excels in funding initialization, portfolio management, and risk management, leading successful ventures in online education, consultancy, recruitment, and international collaborations. Moreover he contributes his expertise as a lecturer at Central Queensland University, guiding future business leaders in marketing, financial accounting, and statistics. His commitment to excellence and extensive experience position him as a distinguished leader in academia and business, representing Focus Graduate Institute at numerous engagements each year. He plays a pivotal role in shaping the institution’s future direction, embodying the epitome of knowledge
and talent.

Vice President of Focus Graduates Institute

Dr. Md Ashraful Islam​

He obtained his (DBA/ Phd) in Management from European University ( EU Business School) Switzerland. In addition he also holds his Master of law from (UEL, UK) and Bachelor of Business Administration from Dhaka International University (Bangladesh) . Dr. Md Ashraful was a Founder and Chairman of KMT Marketing Operation Management. He has more than 18 years of experience in management, program coordinator and legal Executive. His area of expertise includes monitor overall management of the different faculties, make polities according to law & give direction to stuffs abiding those in proper way and teaching MBA and DBA students.


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We offer a range of flexible and affordable learning opportunities to study independently anywhere in the world. Our programmes are accessible and designed by academics who are leaders in their field. As a pioneering institution, we’re dedicated to expanding educational access and improving students’ job prospects through industry-aligned degrees and personalised support.

Our Alumni

Our graduates become part of our global network of influential alumni, which includes notable entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


Focus Graduate will be a premier learning institution to serve students virtually, believing everyone has the right to receive higher education, overtaking one’s background, lifestyle or financial affordability.

We deploy the technologies and tools to offer students the opportunity to access top-quality qualifications, affordable and employment relevant higher education programmes that serve career pathways and support students in today’s challenging competitive environment.


Focus Graduate Institute inspires to offer a quality alternative delivery portal of our university partners education programmes to students from diverse backgrounds to learn anywhere around the world and at any time

  • We achieve this through:
    Advancement of technology in the classroom to usher students’ learning and engagement at any time
  • Utilize the digital learning tools to create connected learning environment links to learning school, home, community and anywhere around the world
Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dedicated team that safeguards your future

Mr Oliver Chen

Business Director​

Mr. Oliver Chen serves as the Business Director at Focus Graduate Institute. A graduate of the United States of America (USA) with an MBA, Mr. Chen brings extensive expertise in market development, particularly within the education industry. With over 20 years of experience in education promotion roles, Mr. Chen plays a pivotal role in driving the institute’s business strategies and initiatives. His deep understanding of market dynamics and his proven track record in education promotion contribute significantly to the institute’s growth and success. As Business Director, Mr. Chen is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance the institute’s market presence, foster partnerships, and drive enrolment. His leadership and strategic vision are instrumental in shaping the institute’s future direction and ensuring its continued success in the competitive education landscape.

Ms Alyssia Wong

Academic Director

Alyssia Wong serves as the Academic Director at Focus Graduate Institute. With an MBA in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science in Bioindustry (Honours) with a major in Agricultural Economics from UPM, Alyssia brings a wealth of academic knowledge and experience to her role. With over 17 years of experience in academic leadership, including roles as a Quality Assurance Manager (EduTrust) and developing a knowledge management system, Alyssia is instrumental in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the institute’s academic programs. Her expertise encompasses various aspects of academic administration, including maintaining student management systems, monitoring academic activities, and developing examination and assessment procedures. As the Chairman of the Examination Board and a Member of the Academic Board for Global School of Technology Management (Singapore), Alyssia plays a crucial role in upholding academic standards and ensuring the integrity of assessment processes. Her leadership and dedication to academic excellence contribute significantly to the institute’s reputation and success.

Mr Hendrick Tan

Head of IT

Mr. Hendrick Tan serves as the IT Manager at Focus Graduate Institute, overseeing the institute’s technological infrastructure and digital initiatives. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from MMU, Mr. Tan brings extensive experience and expertise in IT and ecommerce application development to his role. With a proven track record of success in the field, Mr. Tan plays a pivotal role in leveraging technology to enhance the institute’s operations and deliver innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of students and staff. He is responsible for managing the institute’s IT systems, ensuring their reliability, security, and efficiency. Additionally, Mr. Tan spearheads the development and implementation of digital strategies to optimise online learning platforms and support the institute’s growth and expansion. As a forward-thinking leader in the IT field, Mr. Tan is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and best practices, enabling him to drive continuous improvement and innovation within the institute. His leadership and technical acumen are integral to the success of Focus Graduate Institute in the digital age.

Ms Ashley Chan

Academic Admin Manager

Ashley Chan holds the position of Academic Admin Manager at Focus Graduate Institute, where she plays a crucial role in managing
academic operations and administrative functions. Graduating with both an MBA and a BSc, with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Economics, Ashley brings a diverse skill set and over 33 years of experience in the cosmetic, beauty, and healthcare industries to her role. Ashley’s expertise lies in developing global merchandising and logistic networks, with a specialisation in the beauty industry. Her extensive experience enables her to effectively oversee academic administrative processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards. Ashley’s strategic vision and leadership contribute to the smooth functioning of academic operations, supporting the institute’s mission of delivering high-quality education. With a strong background in industry and a keen understanding of academic administration, Ashley plays a vital role in driving operational excellence and supporting the institute’s growth and success. Her dedication to excellence and wealth of experience makes her an invaluable asset to Focus Graduate Institute.

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